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Anonymize your digital footprint

Unleash the power of secure browsing with Pango GmbH’s Hotspot Shield VPN: Fast Proxy, or Hotspot Shield. By creating an encrypted tunnel, this freemium security app shields your IP address, ensuring utmost privacy while navigating the web. Whether it's streaming, circumventing geo-restrictions, or safeguarding against hackers and ISPs, this app stands tall as your guardian in the digital realm.

Thanks to Hotspot Shield, you can connect to thousands of servers across 80 countries, guaranteeing lightning-fast connections regardless of your location. It also allows for linking up to five devices with a single account, ensuring comprehensive protection for your digital footprint. 

A quick guide for first-time users

Upon starting the app, it will display brief information about the data it collects, which includes your device’s information, payment information, and aggregate anonymous online activity data. From there, you can read its privacy policy or tap “Got It.” If the latter is tapped, you will be taken to a page asking you to pay for a monthly subscription or avail of its one-week free trial. Note that this free trial is followed by a yearly fee once it expires. 

You can also choose to sign in or touch “Proceed With Ads and Limits.” After that, you can now connect to a server. Unfortunately, free users are only entitled to the “Auto” US server. Even more unfair is the limited speed when connecting to said server. Hence — if you want more access to global servers and enjoy faster speeds — you’ll have to go premium

On the main screen, there is a power button that when tapped, will ask you to watch an advertisement or become a premium user. Although each ad only grants you 15 minutes of connection time, users are free to watch more advertisements to increase the connection time. While connected, the app will display your peak speed, server information, and many more.

How private and secure is Hotspot Shield?

When you connect to the internet on a public network, your IP address and online activity are open to all. That means anyone lurking on the same network can easily see what you’re doing on the internet and steal your identity, data, and other important information. Hence Hotspot Shield VPN: Fast Proxy — much like Free VPN, VPN 360, OpenVPN Connect, and Stark VPN —safeguards your data by channeling it through an encrypted tunnel, ensuring privacy and protection against cyber threats

Its integrated browser includes a search bar as well as shortcuts to TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify — thus minimizing the need to enable private browsing mode in third-party browsers. Employing military-grade encryption, the app ensures robust security measures to protect users' digital footprints from third parties — including hackers, internet service providers, and government entities. Besides that, this program offers unparalleled protection against malware and phishing attacks, so your files and personal information will not be compromised.

Concerning activity and data logging, the company's privacy policy clearly states that it does not log IP addresses, device identifiers, or any other form of identifier in combination with VPN browsing activity. However, some logging does occur, including the duration of VPN sessions, the bandwidth consumed, and the domains accessed in an anonymized manner. Although this information cannot be linked to specific VPN browsing activity, users should be aware of these logging practices.

What are Hotspot Shield’s other features?

Hotspot Shield VPN: Fast Proxy features a kill switch that prevents IP leaks by blocking the internet connection if the VPN connection drops. While tests showed that the kill switch works well in most common scenarios, some extreme situations revealed potential vulnerabilities, where the kill switch failed to activate and left the device unprotected. 

Meanwhile, the app boasts a split tunneling feature with two options: “Bypass VPN” and “Route via VPN.” With the former, all selected apps and sites are not rerouted to the VPN and thus will only be connected normally to the internet. The latter, though, enables applications to take advantage of the VPN’s encryption, therefore guaranteeing more security and privacy. Unfortunately, the app does not support the simultaneous activation of “Bypass VPN” and “Route via VPN.”

Still, this security tool excels in unblocking popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Users can gain access to Netflix libraries in other parts of the globe, as well as other platforms like BBC iPlayer, ITV, and Channel 4. This makes the app an excellent choice for streaming enthusiasts.

Is Hotspot Shield compatible with other devices?

This VPN service offers extensive device compatibility, with apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It also provides a command line app for Linux and a TV app for smart TVs with Google Play access. Plus, as mentioned, these devices can be connected to your account. For users seeking to set up the VPN on routers, Hotspot Shield has step-by-step guides on its support site for manual configuration.

A VPN service you can depend on

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use VPN service for your device, you should download Hotspot Shield VPN: Fast Proxy. With features ranging from split tunneling to its built-in browser, the app is geared toward enhancing your online security and browsing experience. These offerings collectively establish the program as a comprehensive solution for users seeking enhanced online privacy, security, and access to unrestricted internet content.


  • Kill switch and split tunneling features
  • Military-level encryption
  • Lets users connect multiple devices
  • Bypasses region-specific restrictions


  • Limited free version
  • Instances of kill switch failing to activate
  • “Bypass VPN” and “Route via VPN” cannot be enabled simultaneously

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

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    by Paul Anderson

    Love to get the APK from here, and also that there's a download available for Mac or Android


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